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Studies done in 2002 estimated that, worldwide, in excess of 600 million people were online. Projections estimate as many as 900 million people will be online by the end of 2004. There is no question, Internet usage is growing at a phenomenal rate!

Approximately 57% of Americans go online, that figure represents nearly 109 million people. On an average day, 61 million of those Americans can be expected to go online.

Today, as never before, an increasing number of people are getting much of their information needs filled by visiting the Internet. Your presence on this electronic medium is more important now than ever before.

Whether your needs are a simple website to act as your "online business card" or a complex, dynamic, up-to-date informational source for your event or business, Airport Fence Productions can help you find your way, as well as help your clients find you in the vast world of Internet cyberspace!

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